"Your All-in-One Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution & e-Commerce Platform"

“The Most Comprehensive Internet Marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution & e-Commerce Platform On The Market Today”

We Proudly Present…

Getting up and running with DELAVO is

as Easy as 1, 2, 3:

Get DELAVO and install it. In just a few clicks you can be up and running.

Now you have everything you need to have a professional and fully featured eCommerce sales site, complete with ALL the tools and plugins to turbo charge & automate your Internet Marketing, at your fingertips:

  • Add your products
  • Build your campaigns with the in-built features

Build Your affiliate network. Unlike other CRM tools in the marketplace, DELAVO is tailored to the unique needs of the Internet Marketing professional, and the marketplace in which they sit. The inbuilt tools in DELAVO allow you to quickly build and capitalise on Affiliate marketing partnerships, and best of all everything your affiliate partners need is already built in, so they too can be up and running and selling your products in just a few clicks. DELAVO will grow with you so you can have as many memberships, users, mini-sites, products, offers, launches and affiliates as YOU WANT…running at the same time. Now it is time to make as much money as you want, it is that simple!

No Other Customer Relationship System Comes Close to DELAVO In Functionality or Performance

Our Users Love DELAVO…

Edmund Loh

Andrew Cocks

Henry Gold

What can I say...

If you a newbie, this is a must Internet Marketing mental training you have to join to make your path is at the RIGHT WAY. If you an Internet Marketing player, this is a technical training you have to take to evaluate and improve your WAY TO SUCCESS. If you an established Internet Marketer, this is an overall training you have to join to strengthen and GO BEYOND where you are now. I can't stress it more.

John Delavera is an High Class Internet Marketer Mentor."

- Sudarmaji Lamiran

"There is no “Get Rich Quick” deals, only hard work and persistence.

The code helped me focus on my years of stumbling around on the internet to realize why I have failed. I found that I was making ALL the mistakes you can make but the code gave me the knowledge to work on correcting them.

It also enforced the fact that I have the persistence to be able to make a successful business online and look forward to having you, John, as my mentor.

Thanks John!"

- Peggy Shirrel

"How many courses that promise to reveal the real keys to online success will have you shouting out loud with joy and jumping off your chair with glee by the end of it?

How many will reveal all the *proven* knowledge and techniques you'll ever need to arm yourself within such an immersive way that you simply can't stop reading until your quest is complete?

Just one.
The Delaverian Code.

A big 'thank you', John!"

-Adam Jetson

Why You Should Use DELAVO For
Your Business

(No Other Internet Marketing CRM Framework Offers More!)

Unlimited Memberships

  • Unlimited memberships on your domain/server or any other remote server.
  • Unlimited WordPress memberships

Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Detailed records
  • Mass mailings
  • Import users
  • Custom fields and Labels (tags)
  • Badge based grading system
  • Advanced privilege template

Unlimited Shopping carts

  • Unlimited shopping carts (create different stores for different types of products, different subsites, anything you want)
  • Unlimited products in unlimited categories
  • Built-in reviewing and ratings system
  • File storage, either within DELAVO or somewhere else like Amazon Cloudfront and S3, Dropbox, Mediafire or where ever you want that uses a link to the file

Unlimited Affiliates

  • Unlimited affiliate groups
  • Detailed records
  • Unlimited tiers
  • Campaigns & Campaign Management
  • Multiple Affiliate Levels
  • Commission based mass pay
  • Royalties management

Unlimited Autoresponders

  • 1-Click autoresponder attachment & activate on order
  • List user maintenance and duplication to new lists
  • Complete customisation using system tags
  • Text or HTML messages
  • Configurable response time (instant, N delay, Days, minutes, seconds
  • Co-send any scheduled message to 3rd party
  • SMTP capabilities INCLUDED

Unlimited Pages

  • Unlimited fully customisable content pages
  • Use any template
  • Control who can access individual pages by user and group permissions
  • Grant/deny access per membership.
  • Login/Logout and Forgotten Password forms created in 1-click
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor

Unlimited Content Series

  • Drip-feed content series to individual or multiple products
  • Secure delivery and access upon purchase
  • Create unlimited records
  • Use ANY template

Unlimited Courses

  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited lessons within courses
  • Attach courses to products
  • On purchase INSTANT SECURE delivery
  • Add links, files, videos on each lesson
  • Use ANY template
  • Fully customisable per customer
  • Instant deactivation if refund or cancellations are requested

Unlimited Autonomous Mini Sites

  • Unlimited mini sites
  • Each subsite can have its own unique customisable template
  • Each subsite can have its own login page
  • Each subsite can have its own offer and members’ pages

Unlimited Surveys

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Auto display them on any or all “Thank you” pages or funnels

Unlimited *Real* One Time Offers

  • Unlimited one-time NON repeatable offers per product or product set
  • Unlimited upsells and downsells per offer
  • Automatically display Yes/No options
  • Fully customisable OTO content
  • Fully customisable templates

Unlimited Invoices

  • Unlimited & fully customisable invoices
  • Use any template
  • Send as TXT, HTML, PDF

Order Abandonment System

  • Automatically send messages for incomplete orders
  • Fully customisable messages
  • Automatically add to a Follow Up Series (internal Autoresponder)

Full Records For Each User, Customer & Affiliate

  • Anything you need to know for your customers
  • Fully control ALL data
  • Add users, edit and delete records
  • Add privileges
  • Assign affiliate programs
  • Full emails logs of all outgoing messages

Detailed Statistics & Reports

  • Full statistics and reporting
  • Customisable report requirements
  • Customer reports
  • Affiliate reports
  • Referrer reports
  • Conversion reports
  • Widgetized reports

Built-In Helpdesk System

  • Unlimited departments
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Auto respond to tickets
  • All messages and responses saved and available online
  • Assign staff (unlimited users)
  • Access control
  • Manage access by user/group/membership

Built-In Rewards & Points System

  • Unlimited reward programs
  • Allow members or customers to cash in points for products
  • Auto scheduling of reward program
  • Design and run one-off promotions
  • Control and manage who and when can access individual programs
  • Run special promotions for granting xN points

Fully Customisable Templates

  • IMPORT ANY set of templates, to fully customise the DELAVO experience
  • Fully customizable Order Pages
  • Fully customizable Shopping cart templates
  • Fully customizable Mini-Sites templates
  • Fully customizable Member Areas
  • Many more

Additional Features

Multiple Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • ClickBank
  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • Offline Payments
  • Many Other Systems

“Why DO I Need DELAVO?”

As an Internet Marketer, you are often working alone and late into the night on your campaigns and product launches. You’ve probably found that the current crop of tools lack all the features and capabilities you need to run your business, meaning you have to create a “Frankenstein’s monster” of tools to achieve your aims.

  • Traditional CRM tools are not tailored to eCommerce and Internet Marketing
  • Website development architectures aren’t geared to Internet Marketing
  • Existing frameworks don’t play well together
  • Affiliate management is often an after thought
  • No need to have a separate tool to securely deliver your products
  • Many systems don’t allow you full manipulation of your user/affiliate/product/course catalogues

Mark Joyner, "Father" of Online Marketing endorses DELAVO and uses it with his company:

"Your All-in-One Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution"

1000's of Peoples Already using DELAVO

See what they say About DELAVO

Wayne Gillies

Nathan Romano


Sven Tonisson

Had I been a millionaire, I’d have invested all my money into the man, DELAVO and his vision. Don’t sit on the fence. JUMP in with both feet and get involved today as it’s a no-brainer. Remember those words.

Nick Bullimore

I pretty much jumped on it, because it's a great opportunity to add to an existing business or to start a new one from scratch. Like they say: “The early bird gets the worm…” and so far in the IM field that has ALWAYS been the case!

Eric Koch

My immediate goal is to reach $10,000/month. I act quickly, and believe that John, with his focused team, can make it happen. John commits, I commit, we-all commit = Success..

Paul J Hindelang

Created by John Delavera

Internet Marketing Expert, Inventor, Writer

You're in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is DELAVO?
- DELAVO is an Internet Marketing framework, that you install on either your hosting account or server, and can be used on practically any system with a compatible browser.

Because no other package offers the benefits and capabilities that are offered in DELAVO, higher availability, or higher performance.

Q. Do I need a hosting account? A. Yes you need a DELAVO compatible hosting account to run DELAVO.

Q. What does a DELAVO COMPATIBLE hosting account mean?
It means that your server meets the following specifications:
Apache web server
mod_rewrite permissions
CGI file execution in root directory
MySQL 4.0 or later
Perl 5.6 or later, with following modules


If you are uncertain, copy the specs above and submit a helpdesk ticket to the support desk of your hosting provider.

Q. Do you offer hosting services?
Yes. Contact us for details.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?
Once you create your DELAVO license, the completion of the order is considered final. If you do not generate your DELAVO license, you can ask for your money back in 30 days after your purchase.

Q. Is support Offered?
We support the DELAVO instances installed on our server. We are unable to resolve server issues or errors that are caused by the server, so you will need to first contact the support team of your chosen hosting service. We do support the DELAVO software itself and we can troubleshoot any issue; we'll need cPanel access on your hosting account and access to your DELAVO installation for that reason.

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